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This picture shows the original Metronome LP cover  which was released in 1972

Sail away

We would like to say goodbye to our great friend Cheese (Richard Henry Hampson) who passed away 29 September 2017 after a long and nasty fight against cancer.

Cheese was a great musician, songwriter, artist and more than that a good friend who will be sorely missed

Welcome to my Home Page.
For those of you who don't know,  I DRIVE was an English Rock Group who
(un-intentionally) moved to Germany in 1967 where over the years they proceeded to make
"a bit of a name" for themselves.
Even though this episode is long over with, I still keep meeting people who remember
and are interested to hear what the various members of the Group are doing,   and so being a bit
of a computer freak I thought to myself  "ey 'up lad, why don't yer make one of  them there
'ome pages and then all yer 'ave ter do is give out yer "URL" (yer wot ?) and then the whole world can "pop in" to see wot yer 'ave to say.

(bring yer own drinks!)

And so that's what I did.!!

(at your own risk)

Les Graham, Erlangen, Germany
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01 October 2017

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