If anyone shown in these pictures feels upset or insulted, just drop me a line or give me a call and I will remove the offending pictures or whatever.

(This does not apply to Tommy Dobson!!)
Les Graham

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Cheese, Carlos & myself during a Radio
interview in Barcelona 73. I don't think we were
quite sober.

           Barbeque in Frengkofen

Edith, Hans & myself having a small cook-out in Frengkofen Germany 74

   Les, Jabe, Biggi and kid
Jabe, Biggi ?, a small child & myself. Somewhere around Kaiserslautern  67

                      I Drive promotion, Munich 1972
A picture of I Drive which was used for promotion at the release of the LP "I DRIVE" by Metronome. Munich 72

Tommy Winter who co-produced our LP He also wrote some of the songs and sang backup and played Blues harp on the song "Christine".

          Cheese & Mani
This is Cheese with our good friend Mano from Regensburg.
(who used to run the "Nacht Lokal Miljoo")   Regensburg 98

Doris (Janine) from Regensburg. One of the people who we still meet from time to time. It's always a pleasure !   Regensburg 98


  Tommy Dobson
Thomas (Tommy) Dobson. Ex Roadie & partner in crime.
He went through the thick & thin with us and is still one of my very best friends. Rock on Tommy !! (If you don't like the picture well "sorry 'bout that")   Regensburg 98


Picture taken in Spain 73

Frengkoven Germany 74
The Gibson Bass and Marshall amp belongs to Mano?

Rosie, Barbara and myself eating "Watermelon" in the bathtub in "Hotel Calle de Carmen" Barcelona.  1973

Me, doing my Joe Cocker bit in Barcelona 73

Tommy, George and myself.
Frengkofen 1974

Les Graham Band
Nuernberg  (approx. 88?)

My son Paul in England
(a real Heavy Metal Freak)

Zion, from Regensburg. One of the real good guys and a great
guitar player (whenever he stops fiddlin' around with al
l his gadgets)

Cheese, Dave & Tony (of  Helter Skelter fame) with my sister Carol.

I Drive with "Nando"

Somewhere in Spain 1973
check out the eye shadow :-)

Ged (Geff)  Harrison and Geff Foot (The Chasers)
Wales 1967

Jabe in Erlangen (June 2001)

Jabe's little red banger
(Pontiac Fiero)